Wednesday, September 10, 2003

John's visit to Newcastle - August 2003

I had 5 weeks holiday from my job in Saudi Arabia and went home to Spain. Juli and I also spent 10 days in the Felling with Mam and Dad. It was great hearing Juli speak English and she even learnt some Geordie phrases - one day she announced "Daddy, I'm a little bugger!" I wonder where she picked that up? Nina and Juli seemed to become great friends and it was nice to see them getting on so well. We had never met Finn before. Great little lad. I was impressed by his singing.

We didn't have time to see everyone which was sad but we'll be back.

In London I stayed with Grahame before my flight back to Bahrain. Over a few pints we put the world to rights, solved the Toon's defensive problems and had a great time. Cheers Grahame.

Now I'm back in Saudi, missing the family but fit and well.

Cousin John

Hello cousins, aunties and uncles. I decided to start a family blog to we can keep up to date with family news. Most of us still live in the North East but there are some of us who live in London and Spain and even Saudi Arabia. Consequently this blog can maintain or even restablish contact between us all.

You can post news about your kids. Tell everyone your news. Anything really. I won't explain how to make a post but it is very easy. If you want to participate send me an email and I'll put you on the list. If not I hope you enjoy the news that there is from the Cusacks, Hirds and Weatherburns. (If I'VE LEFT ANYONE OFF LET ME KNOW) johnahird@fastmail.fm

Cousin John xxx :-)

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