Saturday, October 18, 2003

John, Sue loves the pic of you and Jen from the sixties...wish we'd had cameras when we were young...

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Yahoo! Photos - Thumbnails View

John's family fotos
You've got 30MB free space on Yahoo! Great place to keep some fotos.

Yahoo! Photos - Thumbnails View

John's Fotos
Click on the link to see some fotos of us. I'll put more on as time goes by. If you didn't know you can put 30MB of fotos in a Yahoo! album for free.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Local Ireland: The Anglo-Norman Surnames of Ireland (Part IV)

People bearing this French toponym arrived in County Meath with the first invaders and the name soon spread to Kildare and Connacht. The name arrived in County Clare in the fourteenth century. Today the name is principally found in Limerick and Clare.

Surname Meanings E-H

Hird - just as we thought :-(

Heard is an English Occupational name for the tender of animals, normally a shepherd or cow herder, derived from Middle English hearde and Old English hierde = herd, flock. Variants are Heardman, Herd (Scottish primarily), Herdman, Hardman, Hird, Hurd, Hurdman, Hearder ; cognates are Hirth, Hirter, Herter, Herder, Horter (German) and diminutive forms include Hirtel and Hirtle.

ahist 1

What is a Weatherburn?
Here is one theory.

Family Chronicle - Surname Origin List

Good start for finding out what your surname means and where it came from.

Monday, October 13, 2003

BBC - Radio 4 - Interact - Live Chat - John Peel

DJ John Peel in conversation with John Jnr. (Well sort of!)

Felling Ward

Uncle John's mug on the net - can you face it? Click on the link if you dare!

Cult television, Rock and Film Books at Cusack Books - Home page

If you like Mr. Benn (not Wedgie, the other one!) Bagpus, The Wombles and the Clangers then Elaine's website is the place for you.

Cusack For President Campaign

That would be nice!

The John Cusack Test -- Which John Cusack Are You?

What kind of Cusack are you?

Follow the link and take the test.

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Hello, is anybody there?

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