Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thanks for a lovely day Karen Posted by Picasa

Get oot the way lad! Posted by Picasa

Ditto! Posted by Picasa

Eyes bigger than belly! Posted by Picasa

Have you found out the asking price Karen? Posted by Picasa

'One day this lighthouse will be yours Juli!' Posted by Picasa

Don't visit the lighthouse on Fridays ;-( Posted by Picasa

The Rock Posted by Picasa

Karen not looking very keen to learn how to 'Scobie' Posted by Picasa

View from Karen's mansion in Marsden Posted by Picasa

Knackered! Posted by Picasa

This was taken after we had walked about 7 miles! Posted by Picasa

Look at me! Posted by Picasa

Lily, Juli & Karen on the beach at South Shields Posted by Picasa

Karen & Juli at Monksfeld Posted by Picasa

Toon nil - West Ham nil - Crowd 50,000 + Posted by Picasa

Great crowd - shame about the team ;-( Posted by Picasa

The Citadel Posted by Picasa

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